Located in the Four Corners region, serving Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, 2210Cortez is an ideal data center for companies looking for co-location facilities, data storage, disaster recovery and points of presence in, and around, Cortez, Colorado.

There has long been difficulty in the region to provide reliable connectivity – 2210Cortez is the solution in solving that challenge. With local and national carriers already present in our facility, we are working together to fill the fiber gaps present in the Southwest and to create better pathways for information flow.

The team at 2210Cortez is also focused on our local community by developing a strong infrastructure that will provide regional economic development opportunities here at home.

2210Cortez is the focal point for connectivity and storage in the Four Corners region and we invite you to join us.

2210Cortez Data & Fiber Plaza


Current Space Availability

A Plaza = 3,000/sf (Meet-Me-Room)

B Plaza = 20,000/sf (shell condition)

C Plaza = 70,000/sf (shell condition)

Technology users are a new breed of customers and have specific requirements. 2210Cortez is uniquely positioned to meet those requirements by providing the following amenities:

Plaza supports secure single level access, high ceilings, and open concept for flexible layouts.

2210Cortez currently offers a variety of power options. Customers can also contract directly with Empire Electric REA for separately metered power service to accommodate their specific requirements.

With the extensive cooling required by telecom and storage equipment, 2210Cortez has designated pad site locations available on the roof for customers to install their own condensing units and dry coolers to service their cooling needs.

Ample conduit space is available for customers to run fiber optic cables, generator, supplemental HVAC, GPS antennae, ground conductor and generator monitoring lines.

2210Cortez is one of the few plazas that has secure pad sites available for customers that require generators for backup power to their equipment.

Antennae Placement
Numerous pad sites are available on the 50,000/sf roof of 2210Cortez for the placement of customer antennae’s.

2210Cortez provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on site security. A state of the art security system is in place for customers, with an alarm system monitoring all points of ingress and egress to the plaza. 2210Cortez also has 24 x 7 closed circuit television monitoring.

Connection Center
Customers are provided with access to the Connection Center, where customers may interconnect and tie into each other’s networks.

Telecom Customers
Mammoth Networks, Lumen (CenturyLink), Verizon, Visionary Broadband with access to other networks including: Zayo, Fasttrack Communications, Forethought, Farmers Telephone, Cedar / Ting, TDS, Visionary, Nimbus, Align Tech, Zumacom, Cortez Community Network, City of Cortez, Southwest Health Systems, Montezuma County, Montezuma-Cortez School District, and Southwest TV District.

2210Cortez is truly a one of a kind offering ideal for telecom, network edge, peering, aggregation, disaster recovery site, network cache, data storage and data center requirements.

2210Cortez Fiber Huts (Altair Installation)


Serves as Transfer Station that allows carriers to relay faster data services to Tribal Communities, homes, and businesses on their network.
Carrier’s store most of the components and equipment necessary at 2210Cortez Central Office so they can deliver fiber services and connect to other carriers and providers in a carrier-neutral datacenter.


“Mammoth Networks is pleased to see the work being done at 2210Cortez. In conjunction with our sister company, Visionary Broadband, we have existing coverage throughout the region that will benefit from a fleshed-out carrier hotel. We can provide services to customers, including connectivity back to larger markets and other carrier hotels in Denver, across the state and country. Improvements in the collocation space can only be regionally beneficial, and we look forward to working with 2210Cortez as well as its occupants to improve regional connectivity even further.”

Andrew Eubank
Mammoth Networks
Director of Broadband Development


CNN Money list Montezuma County with a low risk score of 25 for any damage from earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or fire.

Earthquake Hazard Level - LowFlood Risk - LowTornado - LowWildfire - low risk
Any company in the midst of a data center site selection process commonly finds itself with a number of factors to consider. The site selection process is key for most companies, not only because the selected site/provider will be hosting mission-critical business services, but also because the chosen site will likely house those critical systems and platforms for the foreseeable future. Since site selection activities are often performed only once or twice, it’s important that all relevant factors be evaluated. Geographical factors are often overlooked in site selection activities, or at best are incompletely examined. And most data center providers, quite frankly, don’t do much to help in that process. Many data centers produce information about hardware reliability or facility security, but often geography as a measure of a facility’s ability to competently serve its clients is neglected.

The analysis of natural disasters and the subsequent categorization provides evidence of Colorado’s low-risk position. Low incidences of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes make Colorado a superior choice as a data center location.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Colorado is located in FEMA’s region 8, one of the nation’s lowest risk zones.

Colorado is largely sheltered from hurricanes and their devastating impacts.

Average 243 days of SunshineJanuary low temperature 16 degreeJuly high temperature 87 degreesTotal rainfall 16.4 inches per yearPrecipitation 80.7 days a year7.1 out of 19 Best places comfort index
Source: USGS Data, Cortez, Colorado

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